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Review: Dark Magic by Rebecca York

16 Aug

Dark Magic by Rebecca York
Carina Press (August 2011)
ebook: $2.99 (22,000 words; 70 pages)
ISBN: 9781426891946

Favorite Lines: “The smell of fire and brimstone invaded Devon’s sleep, and for a moment she thought she had died and gone to a place of punishment.” (p. 7, egalley)

Marrying her father’s barbaric enemy for political gain is not the future that Princess Devon imagines for herself. She prefers escaping into the world of magic and legend described in books—books that suggest just how a princess could take the safety of a kingdom into her own hands.

When Devon awakens one night to find the mysterious Galladar in her chamber, the lines between myth and reality begin to blur. Before he disappears into the night, the two share an intimate encounter that leaves her determined to follow her heart.

Devon leaves the castle on a quest to find the mythical dragon who can free her kingdom forever and release her from her father’s plan. She’s prepared to do whatever it takes to make her future her own. However, when she finds Galladar again, will she be forced to choose between her kingdom and her happiness?

Odds are you’ve heard of Rebecca York. She’s written more than 80 romance books and short stories. Well, heads up! She’s got a new story available through Carina Press.

First thing you need to know, Dark Magic is a short, (Ya hear me!) short story. Don’t expect a drawn out romance. It’s straight to the sexuality. Second thing you need to know, read it like an adult version of a fairy tale. If you’re looking for anything else you may be disappointed. The characters are two-dimensional and the story is rushed. But the sex is hot and sexual tension fills the pages of the book.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied with the book. But I had a little trick. When I’d get disgusted with the book’s predictability, I’d literally have to put the book down and think it’s a fairy tale. I don’t know that lowering my expectations made the story better, but it made it readable. In the end, I will never read the book again. What did you think about it?

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