Review: Body of Sin by Eve Silver

7 Sep

Body of Sin by Eve Silver
Harlequin (August 2011)
Mass Market: $7.99; ebook: $6.99
ISBN: 9780373775927

Favorite Lines: “Then he dragged himself onto the golden back of the beetle and hung there as he went forth into day, carrying pain and regret and confusion with him. But his heart, he left behind in the darkness of death’s night.” (p. 343-344, egalley)

The ultimate fall from Grace…

Once the favorite son of the Lord of the Underworld, Lokan Krayl held enviable privileges and powers. Powers that led to a devastating betrayal—murder.

Resurrected by his immortal brothers, Lokan is still trapped in purgatory. He has no way to contact his family. He has no answers. In order to find the truth about his death, and who killed him, he must escape his prison. And there’s only one way out: through the twelve gates of his eternal enemy, Osiris.

But Lokan has help. Bryn Carr, the woman who duped him once before, is his beautiful yet unwanted guide. She’s been sent by his brothers to aid him. She’s his last hope. Lokan must place his fate—and that of the mortal and immortal worlds—in the hands of the one woman he can never trust.

Part of the Eve Silver’s Otherkin series, Body of Sin can be read as a stand alone. I know because I haven’t read any of the other books in the series. While it was distracting and confusing at times, I was able to read Body of Sin as a stand alone and thoroughly enjoy it. However, I don’t recommend reading it without reading Sins of the Heart, Sins of the Soul and Sins of the Flesh first.

I mean, really what’s not to enjoy. The story made me laugh and cry while showing me two great characters. Actually there were tons of characters, but the only ones I really cared about were Lokan and Bryn. (But I wouldn’t mind reading about Bryn’s awesome brothers.) Lokan’s brothers have their own stories which were told in the first three books of the Otherkin series.

Body of Sin does an excellent job of flashing back and forth between the present and the past, as well as Bryn’s action packed present and Lokan’s confusing present. We are right there with Lokan as he becomes conscious to his surroundings and remembers being betrayed and sacrificing himself for his child.

But all I really cared about was Bryn and Lokan’s relationship. They are parents of a 7-year-old, but they never revisited the one night stand that resulted in the birth of a little girl. They got along wonderfully and were friends, but they kept secrets from one another. Secrets which could only come out in the open in the dark of the underworld. It was fascinating watching them discover and then express their feelings for one another.

The only parts of the book I could care less about involved Lokan’s brothers. I didn’t know them and I didn’t care about them. Whenever the story turned to them I became bored, cause really they are there for those who met them in the past. I don’t see the role they played in Body of Sin. As far as I’m concerned, they could have never been mentioned and I wouldn’t have lost out on anything. I’m sure people who read books one through three will feel differently.

To sum it all up, I liked the dark, grittiness of the other world. I’m not a huge fan of Egyptian mythology, but I didn’t mind it at all. It had a useful purpose and it allowed the author to show me brutality and nightmare worthy snakes. The book started off really slow, but picked up speed. It’s a great book for those who’ve read the series, but newbies like myself may want catch up on the series before attempting it. OR, read the book and be willing to go with the flow even when you have no clue as to what is going on.



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