Review: Twilight Fulfilled by Maggie Shayne

28 Sep

Twilight Fulfilled by Maggie Shayne
MIRA (Sept. 27, 2011)
Mass Market: $7.99; ebook: $6.99
ISBN: 9780778312673

Favorite Lines: “Of my entire race, I’m the least worthy. I’m the evil one, the destroyer, or at least I was. I’m the first one you ought to murder, Utana, because I swear to God, if you let me live I will kill you. I’ll find a way.” (p. 144, egalley)

Enemies… Lovers… Saviors?

The First Immortal Walks Again

Utanapishtim has paid dearly for the sin of creating the vampire race—imprisoned in a living death for  centuries, driven to near madness. With a single white-hot glance, he immolates his descendants…and the vampire Armageddon begins.

Beautiful and deadly Brigit Poe, not wholly vampire but fiercely loyal to that shared bloodline, is called into  action. She abhors yet cannot deny her destiny: to vanquish the once-great king of the immortals and save the vampire race.

Two warriors, equally matched in power and determination, are soon locked in an unwinnable battle, only to discover a passion so shocking it threatens every truth they’ve ever known—even as they must face one final battle that seems fated to end in death and heartbreak for them both.

Twilight Fulfilled is part two of Maggie Shayne’s Children of Twilight series. The first book is called–wait for it–Twilight Prophecy. It seems to conclude Shayne’s Wings of the Night series which began in the early 90s and was reissued in 2010. I haven’t read the series in years, but I recognized several of the characters mentioned. While those who read the first book of the Children of Twilight series may have a leg up, as far as knowing exactly what is happening from the start. I feel that I got the better end of the deal because I hadn’t been preconditioned to think poorly of the heroine. The heroine who is continually thinking about how she is the dark, deadly and evil twin.

Twilight Fulfilled is told in the third person, in a world which evolved over the course of 18 books. It begins with a funeral and the back story is immediately told. The father of all vampires is alive and feeling guilty.  He is out to wipe his progeny off the face of the earth. He is also creating quite a problem in front of humanity. He is god-like and seeking redemption. I understood his motivations and wanted him to be happy after years of being tortured.

The woman sent to save the vampires is Brigit. She constantly thinks about the darkness her family associates with her and almost believes she isn’t worthy of a happily ever after, which of course makes me want one for her. Despite having two characters whom I liked, I was slightly underwhelmed by the entire book. I kept feeling like, “okay, this is where I’ll get sucked in” only to be disappointed. I never became invested in the story.

It was a nice distraction, but nothing that makes me want to revisit the world or seek out previous books. My biggest problem with the book was with its predictability. Nothing surprised me. Nor did anything stand out to place the book above other vampire novels on the market. It was a book. The end. I have a feeling, however, that fans of the series will adore Twilight Fulfilled as it concludes a series which evolved over many years.



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    found your blog on yahoo and was just what i was looking for, keep it up 🙂

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