Review: Knight Everlasting by Jackie Ivie

30 Sep

Knight Everlasting by Jackie Ivie
Kensington (October 2011)
Mass market: $7.99; ebook: $5.99
ISBN: 9781420108859

Favorite Lines: “You probably even…sag.” He dropped his eyes to her bodice, leaving her no excuse to misinterpret what he said. (p. 303, ARC)

In the heat of battle, a powerful Scottish laird takes a mysterious woman captive…

His Powerful Desire

When Aidan MacKetryck finds a flaxen-haired maid caught in the crosshairs of battle, he quickly saves her from certain death. But while Aidan expects gratitude, he is sorely disappointed—for the fiery lass makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him…

Her Dangerous Secret

Juliana D’Aubenville is in hiding from those who want her entire family to perish. Despite her attraction to the strikingly handsome Aidan, Juliana knows she must escape before her identity is revealed. The trouble is, Aidan refuses to let her go…

Their Forbidden Love

With each moment Aidan and Juliana are together, their desire becomes more enticing—and harder to resist. But just as Aidan tries to lay claim to Juliana once and for all, their darkest secrets are finally revealed—putting both their love and their lives in terrible danger…

Knight Everlasting is a historical, Scottish romance written by Jackie Ivie. The book is set in Scotland AD 1297.

When Highland laird Aidan MacKetryck sees Sassenachs demolishing a small Scottish village, he does the only thing he can…scoops up a village woman and runs. Thus begins an emotional journey between two very different people.

There is so much to like about Knight Everlasting. The instant sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine is evident in the first chapter. The banter between characters is enlightening and at times funny. There were a variety of characters: the liar, harem, secretive heroine, brash hero and castle witch. Some of them worked better than others, but my personal favorite was the liar. He always had something to say and watching him put a spin on everything was entertaining.

However, there were a few things that didn’t quite work for me. I felt like I didn’t really know the hero. He came across as playful and benevolent at the beginning of the book. Actually, I didn’t have a clue as to his real position because he acted like he had no authority. He allowed his men to talk trash about him. He explained his reasons for doing so, but it was odd. Later he’s described as and lives up to labels like rash and reckless. Aidan didn’t really have any hero qualities. I thought of him as a “regular” guy who happened to be rich. I never thought of him as alpha, and after reading about “his women” I was disgusted enough to not want much to do with him.

I also had a hard time coming to terms with the mystical aspect of the story. I didn’t see the point of including it at all. I get having a witch make predictions, but I didn’t like the addition of magic to my historical romance. It’s definitely not what I thought I was getting when I decided to read the book.

The last major “hmmm” moment I had was at the conclusion of the story. My suspension of belief crumbled. I didn’t believe for a minute that the hero didn’t know the heroine’s big secret and that he was capable of putting it aside as easily as he did.

In the end, the negative and positive aspects of the story almost canceled each other out. I was a little disappointed with the story, but I didn’t hate or love Knight Everlasting. I really don’t feel anything about it.


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