Review: Slayer’s Kiss by Cassi Carver

14 Feb

Slayer’s Kiss by Cassi Carver
Samhain Publishing (Feb. 14, 2012)
ebook: $5.50 (it’s on sale right now for $3.85)
ISBN: 9781609286798
Excerpt (Click on the excerpt tab)

Favorite Lines: “I begged him to screw me, Abbs. Like, pleaded for my life, and he refused. Then I cried–real tears–and let him hold me even though I knew he just felt sorry for me. If I never see him again, it’ll be too soon.” (p. 34, ebook given to me by author)

Kara Reed is a supernatural failure. But where her magic falls short, her fists get the job done. The criminal element doesn’t stand a chance once she hits San Diego’s dark streets.

When two smoking-hot tenants move in next door, she thinks her love life might finally be heating up. Just being near Gavin and Julian is enough to make her want to offer her body on a platter.

Gavin and Julian know it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. They’re fallen angels sent to watch over the king’s daughter, one of the last females of her kind. Trouble is, she doesn’t seem to think she needs watching—unless they’re watching her shimmy out of her clothes.

No matter how tempting her guardians, Kara’s not about to let anything stop her from tracking down a sadistic killer who carves into his victims and leaves them for dead. Even when she realizes her target may be the very scourge of heaven from which her angels swore to protect her…

Book one in Cassi Carver’s Shadow Slayers series is an erotic paranormal romance. It is burning the pages, thigh clenching hot. It reminds me of Sunny’s Monère series blended with the smart ass comments generally found in paranormal romance. However, it is fully the voice of new to me author Cassi Carver.

Kara–the heroine–isn’t the easiest woman to like. She is a rough around the edges vigilante who is pretty good at distancing herself from emotion. I say this because there is a scene in which she and her best-friend, Abbey are hunting down a rapist and implant an idea in his head. It could be funny. It would have been funny had he not been magically influenced to do what he was told. Yes, it’s karma  showing her ass, but it’s also just wrong.

Her lust interests are Gavin and Julian, two guardian angels, with the ability to get her juices flowing. Gavin is the more responsible of the two, which leaves Julian to be the hot head. I actually found him to be very immature. Hot, but immature. The winged men have ginormous packages below the belt but women of their race, Demiare, (of which Kara is, although she doesn’t know it) have to reach maturity to accommodate them. Kara is not ready, or so they think. There’s a lot about Kara that is different from other Demiare women.

The men are lords from the Mercury clan and as such are forbidden to share or bond a woman. They are also protectors of the Demiare race. Their duties have led them to Kara, a lone woman, hidden in the human world. They can protect her from the evil looking for her in the form of an Aniliare male…if she accepts their help.

Slayer’s Kiss showed up on my nook as 240 pages which I quickly devoured. The story is easy to follow, quick paced and full of erotic scenes. It takes place in both the human world and the world of the paranormal angels. Like Sunny’s series, the few remaining Demiare females are vicious creatures who have fixated on physical pleasure. Keep that in mind while you read the book. Men in Carver’s paranormal world are used to belonging to a woman’s harem with the exception of the Mercury Lords.

In general I don’t like love triangles. That said, I had no problem getting on board with Carver’s love triangle because she made it clear from the start that it was a sexual attraction and normal to the characters’ race. I didn’t feel an emotional connection. At all.

I guess that can be seen as the only issue I had with the book. I never felt love between any of the characters. Attraction, hell yeah. Love, not so much. For me this equals no clear happy ever after at the end of the book. I’m cool with that, but fans of traditional romance may not be thrilled. Slayer’s Kiss is an introduction to a new world and several characters. As the series progresses I expect for some kind of emotion or love to be woven in with the erotic aspects. I expect to feel a love connection between Kara and her man or men. Right now, I don’t feel that.

In the end, I had a great time reading Slayer’s Kiss. I look forward to following up with Kara in the next book.

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