Review: Deadly is the Kiss by Rhyannon Byrd

13 Mar

Deadly is the Kiss by Rhyannon Byrd
Harlequin (March 27, 2012)
Mass Market $7.99; ebook: $6.99
ISBN: 9780373776801

Favorite Line: “One more glimpse of her clutching that throw against the front of her naked body and he’d have her on the floor, his cock buried a mile inside her, before she even realized he’d crossed the room.” (p. 104, egalley)

Tasked with protecting humanity from harm, the last thing Ashe Granger was searching for on his mission was his destined mate. Then, a mysterious darkeyed beauty reluctantly offered him shelter. A spark of danger—and a soul-deep recognition—ignited a burning, carnal need…

Since her family’s exile, Juliana Sabin had borne full responsibility for their safety. So when evil struck, she
had no choice but to ally herself with the sexy guardian vampire. Now, months later, Ashe is back and tempting Juliana to reveal her darkest secrets…and desires. For the killer stalking the shadows isn’t acting alone—andhe won’t rest until his deadly cravings are fulfilled.

I’ve got a secret to admit. Book nine (Deadly is the Kiss) is the first book in Rhyannon Byrd’s Primal Instinct series that I’ve read. I’ve been missing out on some good reading material if the previous books in the series are anything like the one I read. I’m sure I would have felt entrenched in the vampire world had I read those books, too. As it is I can’t complain; enough back story is given to prevent the first time reader from being confused.

Warning: The hero is an alpha male who you will either love or hate. I was attracted to the aggressive side of Ashe, but I wanted to punch him in the face a few times. He is stuck in a shitty situation: his fated mate is an outlaw. Ashe has other issues, but as a lawman he cannot trust Juliana which is a fundamental relationship stopper.

Juliana is an enigma. She is hiding and trying to atone for events which occurred in her mysterious past. It’s quite a while before those events are brought to light. Once they are…WOW…I never saw it coming. The tension built along with my need to know Juliana’s secret. I felt compelled to read the book because I had to know what Juliana was hiding.

The passion between the hero and heroine was never a problem so there are a lot of well-written sex scenes.  My only issue with the book was that I didn’t feel like the hero truly loved the heroine until the very end. I guess that’s a huge problem, but by the final page of the story I was content with the knowledge that they would succeed as a couple. Maybe Ashe’s hesitation toward Juliana helped me believe that. While there was a connection it wasn’t until Ashe and Juliana knew one another that love kicked in.

Deadly is the Kiss is an action filled paranormal romance. It is part of a series, but you should be able to read it as a stand alone. I’m sure you’d understand the world better if you read the previous eight books. It’s a sexual book about vampires and has a few dark scenes. It’s definitely worth checking out.








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