Review: The Danger That Is Damion by Lisa Renee Jones

25 Apr

The Danger That Is Damion by Lisa Renee Jones
Sourcebooks (May 1, 2012)
Mass Market: $7.99; ebook: $7.99
ISBN: 9781402251627

Favorite Lines: “Wild didn’t begin to describe what kissing Lara unleashed inside Damion. He had never felt anything like he felt in this moment, never felt so out of control, so out of his own body. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, there was a warning, a voice telling him this wasn’t normal.” (p. 77, egalley)

The diabolical General Powell created Kayla Martin, a beautiful super-soldier, to help him destroy his valiant enemies. But when Kayla is pitted against the renegade Damion Browne, she discovers that not only is her life in danger, but her heart as well. Enemies soon swarm around Kayla and she must trust the dangerous Damion to embrace her as his ally. As they struggle to defeat a madman, their trust in each other becomes the only chance they have to find peace…and love.

Book three in Lisa Renee Jones’ Zodius series can be read as a stand alone, but you’ll miss out on the back story and characters introduced in the first two books: The Legend of Michael and The Storm that is Sterling. The Danger that is Damion is the only book I’ve read in the series and I never felt like I was missing information.

I read an egalley supplied by Netgalley. In it the heroine is named Lara. The blurbs I’ve found online name the heroine Kayla. I’m going to use the name used in the galley, but want you to keep in mind that the heroine in the finished book may go by Kayla or Lara.

What you need to know: Set in a futuristic world, there are humans and people who’ve had their DNA spliced with alien DNA. The alien-like people are soldiers with super powers like super strength, speed and telepathy. They heal fast and can travel on the wind. They look human and have always been male. Or so they thought. Some of the super soldiers are good guys who want to protect humanity. They are called Renegades. Other super soldiers are led by a man named Adam. They want to enslave humanity and rule the world.

Characters: Lara is a woman without a past. She remembers little of her life before joining a program that spliced her DNA with aliens. However, she does recall her family being murdered by the Renegades and is possessed by a need to seek revenge. Damion is a Renegade. He is a warrior who looks out for his men and knows upon meeting Lara that something is off. He becomes determined to prove to her that the Renegades would never kill for pleasure. He also has to battle his lust for Lara to prevent it from affecting the well-being of his fellow soldiers and their families.

Romance: It was interesting to see these two soldiers battle one another, physically and emotionally. Both want answers and mistrust their feelings for the other. While it was instant lust, the romance seemed to build at the same pace as the trust between the two. At the end of the book I felt like the couple was on its way to creating a love that would last. Don’t get me wrong. The story progresses quickly, but the “I love yous” don’t immediately force themselves out the characters’ mouths.

Overall: I enjoyed the story. It’s not an average paranormal romance. It’s a science fiction romance which incorporates science experimentation, aliens (that are never seen) and advanced technology. References to previous books are made and quick explanations are given to prevent the reader from feeling as if she missed an important detail. I won’t be running out to buy the next book in the series, but I do see myself reading it.


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