Quickie Review: Elements Unbound by Lorie O’Clare

14 Jun

Elements Unbound by Lorie O’Clare
Elora’s Cave (Nov. 2009)
ebook: Free
ISBN: 1419906070

Bruno Tangaree has a mission. With his guidance and strength, the Werewolves of Malta will know more glory than any pack on Earth. And he’s chosen his mate—the only woman who not only makes him burn with hunger, but who can match his special gift—to run by his side as he leads his kind. It’s time to run his little lady to ground.

Book one in the Werewolves of Malta series is a short, erotic snapshot which shows up on my nook as 141 pages long. It is a superficial glimpse into a story about two people becoming a couple. Basically two people become more than friends, but before they can be happy the male plans to challenge the pack’s alpha.

The story lacks depth and emotional exploration. We meet characters, listen in on their thoughts about their lives and how they’ve reached the point we are introduced to them and watch them have sex. We’re not even guaranteed a happy ending because as the old alpha’s mate says “May you have as many wonderful years as I did before this happens to you.” (p. 102)

I didn’t too much care for Elements Unbound. It interchange the word bitch for woman, she or her which irked the shit out of me. That aside, the hero is aggressive and happy with his submissive partner. The heroine loves Bruno’s fierce desire for her. She get excited by his He-man actions. For example, she was excited when he ripped off her clothing and ravaged her on the ground.

If you read this book expect a ton of sex: regular sex, half-shifted to human sex and werewolf to werewolf sex.


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