Review: Vacation with a Vampire Anthology

30 Jun

Vacation with a Vampire an Anthology
Harlequin (June 19, 2012)
Mass Market: $5.50; ebook: $4.99
ISBN: 9780373885497

There are three books included in this short anthology of paranormal romance stories.

Stay by Michele Hauf
Favorite Lines: “He had managed to connect with her trusting innocence. Lucian swallowed his aching need.Just a few moments to enjoy her sweetness before you destroy it all.” (p. 15, e-galley)

I read five chapters of Stay before deciding it wasn’t making me happy and DNFing it. The story just feltsilly. I didn’t connect to the hero who is introduced as just having donated blood via “steel pipe shoved between his ribs.” (p. 12) The clueless heroine didn’t appeal either, but I was willing to go with it until a woman who had scorned the hero in the past made an appearance. I could go on, but I don’t want to ruin the story for those who will finish reading it.

Vivi and the Vampire by Kendra Leigh Castle
Favorite Lines: “Anyway, if he had never found a woman who suited him in all these centuries, vampire or otherwise, then it was never going to happen. And certainly not on some silly weeklong vacation to a place he was pretty sure was generally vampire-free. He wasn’t lonely, damn it.” (p. 110, e-galley)

Justin is the vampire king of his area and in need of a vacation. He lets his sister talk him into taking a break on a vampire-free island. He has no idea that vampire hunter Vivi is taking a vacation on the same island. The two weary people meet and begin spending time together before their lives are threatened by danger coming from a couple of directions. It’s a cute, short romance story that would make a nice beach read. Obviously there isn’t much depth, but I enjoyed it.

Island Vacation by Lisa Childs
Favorite Line: “The nightmare had stolen away her bravery, leaving her sleepless and afraid of the dark.” (p. 222, e-galley)

Roarke, the vampire hero, is seeking revenge on the woman who killed his cousin. His cousin loved her and in return she murdered him. Piper is exhausted and not looking forward to taking the vacation she earned at work. It’s a surprise vacation that her boss semi-pressured her into taking and headed for an undisclosed location. She has no idea that her worst nightmares are actually a reality her mind is trying to forget. Island Vacation is a short story with an semi-unexpected ending. Looking back, I see the foreshadowing, but I assumed something else had happened. I didn’t hate the story, but it lacked that light “summer” vibe that I got from the first two stories despite having a beach vacation setting. It wasn’t bad, just had a different vibe.


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