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Interview with J.C. Daniels

22 Jul

When I heard that Shiloh Walker, aka J.C. Daniels was publishing a new urban fantasy novel on Aug. 1, 2012, entitled Blade Song I had to know more. I requested a stop on Daniels’ blog tour. I rarely request interviews, but with my curiosity urging me forward I asked Daniels to answer a few questions. Thankfully Daniels agreed and you get to know what I found out.

Q. Why did you decide to write Blade Song under the name of J.C. Daniels?

A. Necessity, basically.  A lot of factors figure into how a publisher can market an author and although urban fantasy isn’t an issue, since I write like a hyped-up bunny on speed, it just simplified things, in the long run, to pick up another pen name.  BLADE SONG was a new direction and I figured I might as well take the step there.  In the future, the UF works will be as J.C. Daniels, as well as any new erotic or contemporary works that are set to be published with my epublishers.  The name change will not affect any of my current series.

Q. What information pushed you to the decision to self-publish Blade Song?

A. It wasn’t selling with the traditional markets and I decided I’d go ahead and try this route.

Q. What type of world is Blade Song set in and is it part of a series?

A. It’s roughly fifty years from now, in a world that’s just like our own, only magic is there.  The dominant non-human species are shapeshifters and witches, and there are vampires.   My heroine isn’t any of them.

If it goes well, it will be the first in the series.  It all kind of depends on well the first book is received.  The second book is done, but self-publishing is expensive and time-consuming, so basically this is a gamble.  If it pays off, I’ll make another one.  If not…eh, sometimes they don’t.

Q. With all the urban fantasy books on the market, why should a reader pick up Blade Song?

A. Well, why not?  There’s a free short story on to give people a feel for the heroine, if you like it, BLADE SONG will be available for download at $4.99 at most of the various online platforms.

Q. One last question. Do you eat while you write? What’s your go-to snack?

A. Not often, but if I get tired, I crave spicy stuff.  Salsa.  That wakes up my brain. Thanks for having me.

(Click here to read an excerpt.)