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Turkey Day!

22 Nov


Be Heard!

6 Nov

People before us fought for our right to vote. Take advantage of it and get to your polling station if you have yet to do so. P.S.: Did you know that women were the first group to picket the White House?

Sweepstakes: Oct. 17, 2012

17 Oct

Enter once a day until Oct. 31 on Kensington’s Facebook page for a chance to win $100 American Express card in honor of the book Kill Switch.

Eastmans’ Hunting Journal is giving away a tent on its Facebook page that’s open until Oct. 22.

You could win a copy of Sylvia Day’s Reflected in You by entering Penguin Group’s Facebook giveaway before Oct. 19.

Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May

Trylle Series Book Trailer

22 Dec

Join the Revolution: Easter for Mothers!

14 Apr

I’m preachin’ for a new movement. Today Easter is a kid friendly holiday. Moms go out of their way to stuff candy, toys and money inside of plastic eggs. They hide the eggs, make sure the older kids leave a few eggs for the younger children and point out hidden eggs when the kid with the basket full of eggs isn’t looking. What do the parents get? Happy kids. That’s all fine and dandy, but when those angelic children turn into selfish beasts (read, won’t give you one freakin’ jelly bean) you’ll understand the need to turn Easter into a holiday for mothers.

Hello! My name is Scooper and I want an Easter basket. I don’t want to make my own; I want my kids to buy it or the Easter bunny to drop it off at my house along with Easter dinner that I’m supposed to make. I don’t want fake grass, generic fruity candy or cheap dollar toys that will break before the end of the day.

I want the good stuff. Fill my basket with Starburst jelly beans, Dove or Lindt chocolate, a new snarky coffee mug and gourmet hot cocoa that my kids would never in a million years drink. Instead of hunting Easter eggs I want to hunt for books. The publishing houses need to release some books early. I’m not asking for much, but if I’m going to crawl around in the dirt and actually exercise I expect to find early copies of Big Bad Beast by Shelly Laurenston, Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep, Hush by Cherry Adair, Savage Nature by Christine Feehan, Black Magic Woman by Christine Warren and Dark Descendant by Jenna Black.

So who’s with me? Join the revolution to take over Easter. We take back the streets from thugs and we give credit to Santa after we work our patooties off at Christmas. The least the families of America can do is make Easter baskets for mothers. For Mother’s Day we get gifts made out of Popsicle sticks and yarn. I say it’s not fair. Easter baskets for mothers. Do we ever really get the things we want when we want it? When is it our turn. Easter baskets for mothers. It’s time to show Mother Power and force change on the families of America. Change that isn’t a result of skyrocketing gas prices. Easter baskets for mothers. Say it with me…Easter baskets for mothers.

You don’t have to be a mother to join the movement. Tell your mom “I love you” today. Give her a grownup Easter basket or a plate of cookies today.

I Read It, but I’m not Reviewing It

1 Mar

Yeah, that describes a ton of books. While I love telling people what I think about books, there are some books that I keep to myself. Often they are my secret joys. You know the books that fill juicy little holes inside of you that you would never critique. Or they are books that irked me because the author went in a direction that turns me off. It’s not that the writing is poor, it is that the plot no longer interests me.

I don’t think it is fair to bash a book because I don’t like the creative angle it took. That doesn’t mean I don’t it just means sometimes I recognize it wouldn’t be fair to give a bad review based on my personal hangups. Sure, I’m fickle. I’m a reader.

I spend hundreds of dollars every year on my book addiction and it only makes sense that I feel invested in them. (God, I don’t ever want to know an exact dollar amount on money I spend buying books.) But this month in particular seems to be filled with books that I read, some of which I enjoyed, but will not be writing a review of. Here are a couple of them:

Richelle Mead’s Iron Crowned (Pissed me off so bad)
Kim Harrison’s Pale Demon (Really enjoyed)
A.M.Dellamonica’s Indigo Springs (Barely finished chapter 1. DNF)

So what about you? What have you read that you hated, loved, DNF or just don’t want to review?