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13 Historical Romances

13 Nov

that are coming out in December. I know that lately I tend to push paranormal books, but for the next couple of weeks I’m going to find book releases that aren’t paranormal. So here are historical books. My personal favorite are medieval or Scottish. Go figure.



13 Hot Paranormal Books

6 Nov

coming out in December 2008.


[I found this great pic at afrobohemianchick‘s blog.]

Not your mama’s TT

30 Oct

I’ve found costumes for this weeks Thursday 13. All are based on a book or character I remember from childhood and are definitely not your mama’s costume.

Alice in Wonderland Continue reading

Thursday 13 romance covers

22 Oct

Thirteen romance covers that scare me. You be the judge.

Can you say zombie boy and flee in terror?

It speaks for itself. Continue reading

13 lines from Babylon Babies by Maurice G. Dantec

20 Mar


I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m going to post the first sentence from the first 13 chapters of Babylon Babies.

  • So living was an incredible experience, where the most beautiful day of your entire existence could be your last, where sleeping with death guaranteed seeing the next morning, and where a few golden rules were constant.
  • Night was the best time to kill.
  •  It was fucking hot.
  • The Wallabies were roughing up the Springboks on her screen, and Marie Zorn didn’t give a fuck.
  • Things had gotten worse on the other side of the Tekes River.
  • Romanenko’s eyes stayed fixed on Toorop whose eyes were fixed on him in return.
  • Marie Zorn watched the storm break over the city nestled beneath the window in the metal-framed rocking chair.
  • Marie got up because some strange lights were igniting the sky.
  • The event was configured in the entity called Joe-Jane’s memory in the shape of a brutal variation of internal flows.
  • The moon was red about Mont-Royal.
  • Rebecca went into the bathroom and got into the tub.
  • Romanenko didn’t stop staring at the screen.
  • “Quite frankly, Mister Gorsky, there’s no cause for alarm.”

13 series and authors I read as a pre-teen

13 Mar


I’ve been reading since I was 4. I began reading my mom’s romance novels at 10. By the time I was a pre-teen I was ravenous for literature, almost anything. During that time, I read 13 of the following:

  1. Nancy Drew Files by Carolyn Keene (It was my goal in life to have all of them at one point.)
  2. White Squaw by E.J. Hunter (I only read a few of these.)
  3. White Indian by Donald C. Porter (See a theme starting here?)
  4. Wagons West by Dana F. Ross (Read all of them at one time.)
  5. Everything written by Victoria Holt
  6. The Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon
  7. Little House on the Prairie
  8. Apache by William James
  9. The books were the teens are dying or their parents have died.
  10. Chose your own Adventure
  11. Stagecoach by Hank Mitchum
  12. The Gunsmith by J.R. Roberts
  13. S.E. Hinton’s books: especially the Outsiders

13 Random Romance Authors that I haven’t mentioned before

18 Oct
  1. Diana Holquist
  2. Maya Reynolds
  3. Jamie Leigh Hansen
  4. Robin Wells
  5. JoAnn Ross
  6. Melissa Mayhue
  7. Jane Graves
  8. Laurie Brown
  9. Julie Klassen
  10. Janice Maynard
  11. Loreth Ann White
  12. Joanna Bourne
  13. Lisa Wingate Continue reading