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New TV Show: Defiance

18 Oct

Defiance will be shown on the Sci-Fi channel in April 2013; I can’t wait to watch.

New TV Shows: The Mob Doctor

22 Jun

I’m sitting on the fence about this new one. What do you thing?

New TV Shows: The Following

20 Jun

I think this one is going to scare the crap out of me, but I’ll probably still watch it.

New TV Shows: 666 Park Avenue

17 Jun

Might be a little bit too horror for me.

New TV Shows: Elementary

15 Jun

Like Sherlock Holmes?

New TV Shows: Red Widow

13 Jun

What would you do?

New TV Shows: Last Resort

11 Jun


New TV Shows: Arrow

7 Jun

Like comic books?

New TV Shows: Beauty and the Beast

5 Jun

I loved the 80s version of this series so it has a lot to live up to.

New TV Shows: Revolution

2 Jun

I’m thinking I might want to watch this one when it shows up on tv this fall. What about you?