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Where I give up on

15 Jun

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. Yes, I was a hold out. I loved the action and naughtiness of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. I read them because they were racy, fun and action packed. Yes, there was a ton of sex with a billions guys, but I was OK with it. Until I finally came out my pocket with almost $20 and bought her latest release, Bullet.

After chapter upon chapter of sex scenes between Anita and many men, Anita and a few women, bondage between Jean Claude, Asher and Richard and many other sex scenes…I quit. I won’t spend another dollar on the series. I won’t read the series. I’m pissed off. It felt like I was reading a never-ending orgy not a novel. The one hope I had for a story line shriveled and the book focused on SEX.

OK, so most of you aren’t surprised. Many of you ditched the series long ago, I didn’t. In my defense–there was always some kind of killer that needed to be stopped. In Bullet, yeah someone needs to be stopped, but there is no hunt headed by Anita which infuriated me.

Now I’m done. I quit. Do you hear me world? I give up on the Anita Blake series.


Review: Dark Oracle by Alayna Williams

12 Jun

I was given a review copy.

Favorite Lines: “They weren’t like people. Stones always told the truth.” (p. 146)

Tara was a criminal profiler who used Tarot divination to find serial killers until one almost killed her. She retreated from society only to be dragged back by the secret group known as Delphi’s Daughters. Members of Delphi’s Daughters are women with different divination abilities who work behind the scenes to protect humanity.

The group needs Tara to find a missing scientist whose studies pose a threat to mankind’s future. She is paired with a Department of Justice, Special Projects Unit Agent Harry Li, a man who follows numbers and facts; a man who would scoff at her use of Tarot cards.

It takes one visit to the last place the doctor was seen for Tara to figure out people are working against her. But she has no idea how powerful her enemies are and that just might kill her.

I wanted to read Dark Oracle as soon as I read the synopsis. I thought it had an interesting concept and while I’ve read a ton of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, I can’t name one which revolved around tarot reading. Unfortunately, Continue reading

Technical Issues at Scooper Speaks website

9 Jun

DanceI’m having technical issues at the Scooper Speaks website so I’ll be posting full reviews here until I work the kinks out of the website. When the site is fixed, I’ll post the reviews on the website. In the meanwhile I’ll be posting reviews of Dark Oracle and Web of Lies this week. See ya then!