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Buy books tomorrow!

29 Nov

I’m spending bill money tomorrow. Stupid, yeah. But when can you go to a publisher’s website and purchase anything for 70 percent off? Apparently now. Dorchester Publishing sent me an email about an hour ago that said:

(The site is a little funky to navigate, but if you click on the categories button and select something a list of books will pop up.) 

I’m helpless to resist. What about you?


Spoke to soon

11 Nov

I spoke to soon. The girls are going back to live with their mother on Friday. I’m sad and bitter. My two girls are unhappy, one of the other girls is undecided (she wants her mom, but she loves me, the girls and her school) and the other child is excited. I’ve got to pack their stuff, put on a happy face and drop them off in two days.

I don’t feel like reading or writing, or for that matter anything. I want to lay on my bed and cry, but we all know there is no time for self-pity. Laundry still has to be washed. Dishes still need to be cleaned. Hair still has to be combed…Ok, I’m done wallowing. What’s up with you?

Not around

9 Nov

Obviously I’ve not been around lately. It seems that blogging and reading have fallen into the last slot on my ‘everyday must’ calendar. The four girls are doing quite well at school. One made honor roll, one received a medal for being a great kid, one isn’t getting into trouble anymore, and the last kid is at the top of her class for both reading and writing. My oldest child turned 10 on Saturday and my baby turned 7 on Sunday. Today I’ll take goodie bags to school.

Work, well…work is…work. I go there everyday. I also freelance writing articles on ehow and other sites. So it seems that there isn’t even time to breathe. I get the kids to school, work/run back and forth to school, clean, cook, wash laundry and calm irritated girls. That’s the daily routine.

I would like to say I’ll be back with a review tomorrow, but realistically it will be a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be back with a review soon.busywoman