Review: Last Vamp Standing Kristin Miller

30 Sep

4 out of 5 scoopers

Last Vamp Standing by Kristin Miller
HarperCollins (Aug. 28, 2012)
Mass market: $6.99; ebook: $3.99
ISBN: 9780062207845

Favorite Lines: “Ariana, I’ve done things I’m not proud of. I’ve tried resisting the urges, but I’ve never made it long. In fact, resisting them seems to make things worse. I’ve blocked out and woken up in pools of blood, unsure where I am or what I’ve done.” (p. 203, e-galley)

Tortured by demonic voices, Dante’s soul is as black as they come. But when he meets Ariana—an innocent vampire fighting demons of her own—he second-guesses everything he’s ever known about sacrifice, passion, and soul-scorching love.

Before Dante wages war against Crimson Bay’s greatest threat, he must make a choice: love Ariana the way she deserves, risking her life in the process—or fight to protect her, unleashing the monster he’s determined to bury.

I’ve been enjoying Kristin Miller‘s Vampires of Crimson Bay series and couldn’t wait to read book three, Last Vamp Standing. In the previous book, Vamped Up, we got to know a little bit about Dante. Enough that I knew his story would be good.

Last Vamp Standing is the final book in Miller’s Crimson Bay trilogy. Do not read it as a stand alone. It is where all the previous stories have been leading and to a final show down with the series’ bad guy Savage. It takes place primarily in the secret land of the hidden vampire haven Black Moon. Living inside the walls of Black Moon are elders, but surrounding the haven are a mysterious people.

The heroine, Ariana, takes on a huge roll in her haven. She is revered by those around her but that leaves her alone. She doesn’t feel part of the elders living there as they all seem to defer to her. Her haven has an exclusive “elders only” rule so when  her love interest Dante tells her of the Crimson Bay area vampires’ needs she doesn’t see how she can help. Ariana also doesn’t know that she’s part of an elaborate scheme which affected her past and affects all of the vampires’ futures.

Dante is our tortured hero. Dude has some serious issues, but can’t hide his fascination of Ariana. He is a protector so expect him to fight his base urges in hopes of saving her from himself. In previous books the reader was able to see Dante in action and read of other vampires’ reactions to his unvampire-like abilities. By the end of the trilogy expect to have a clear understanding of where Dante comes from and where he belongs.

It took me a while to get into Last Vamp Standing. I think if I’d have been able to put down book two, Vamped Up, I’d have had an easier time slipping back into the world. However, once I reestablished myself in Crimson Bay I couldn’t put Last Vamp Standing down. I like knowing books having a clear ending and that is exactly what Miller gives with this installment. All my questions have been answered and I’m ready to move on to Miller’s newest work.


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