Immortal Outlaw by Lisa Hendrix

19 May

immortaloutlawhendrixFavorite Lines: “You asked my price. That is it: a pound of silver…and you. I’ll take you wherever you wish, so long as I can take you whenever I wish.” (p. 24)

Cursed four centuries ago by a sorceress, Steinarr is a shapeshifter. By day he is a man and a bounty hunter. At night he transforms into a lion. As a beast, he has hurt his friends and the mere sight of him terrifies the villagers giving him no other choice but to live alone in the forest only going into town to turn in the wanted men he has captured.

Until the day he meets Marian and her cousin, Robin, after they are set upon in outside of Nottinghamshire, England, in August of 1290. Marian doggedly follows him insisting that he help her and Robin on their pilgrimage. Steinarr knows that the duo is hiding something from him, but is fearful that if he doesn’t look out for them his beast may harm them at night.

Marian looks at the ragged, but competent knight and sees the man that is capable of protecting her and Robin on their journey to obtain Robin’s inheritance. Unwilling to tell Steinarr that they are on more than a pilgrimage, she just needs him to protect them as they travel the dangerous roads. Then Steinarr kisses her and she can imagine him giving her so much more than protection.

While the group follows its scavenger hunt, a sorceress begins to amass power. She is the sorceress who cursed a group of Vikings for killing her son. She is a wily and a murderess capable of stopping the group before it can obtain its goal.

Lisa Hendrix is the author of the Immortal Brotherhood Novels. Immortal Warrior is the first book, Immortal Outlaw, which comes out in June of 2009, is book two. In it Ms. Hendrix takes the super old tale of Robin Hood and revamps it with a shapeshifter twist. I’m not a person who loves old stories re-worked, but Immortal Outlaw takes a subtle approach.

I was worried that the parallel to Robin Hood would overwhelm the story. It did not. It enhanced it and had me thinking, “oh, yeah. I get it.” On the journey, a tale is spun about Robin and Marian, and their fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham. Told by Steinarr’s friend, the story is a work of fiction based loosely on Steinarr and Marian, but it becomes so well known that people begin to believe it.

Full of disgust with himself, Steinarr is a man that I wanted to have something good. He was lonely…and loveable. A big, strong, handsome man, Steinarr could be so much more, but only if the curse he was released. Paired with Marian, a masturbating virgin, he gets the the slightly smudged but innocent girl. (Something he totally deserved.) Which really worked for me. She isn’t perfect, but attainable. Her ability to please herself adds to the plausibility of her having a sexual liaison with Steinarr minus the benefit of marriage.

The paranormal aspect in Immortal Outlaw doesn’t play as big of a role as I thought it would though. It is always there, but the emphasis seemed to be placed on the time period and the riddles. The time with the shifters is relatively short and to the point. The scenes with the sorceress contain the majority of the magic/paranormal parts of the story.

Immortal Outlaw is an interesting, historic paranormal story that encourages you to believe in love and the joy that can be found in happily ever after. Read an excerpt at the author’s site.

Bread with cheeseOn their journey cheese and bread is eaten a lot, so I figured it would be the perfect meal to go along with the story.  Check the author’s site for an except of the story. Immortal Outlaw will be released in June 2009.


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  1. St edmunds student November 20, 2009 at 10:20 am #

    I am a st.edmunds student, and i was wondering if it were possible for me to use your image of bread and cheese for my ICT DIDA GCSE course. many thanks!

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