A Wicked Snow by Gregg Olsen

25 May

Favorite Lines: “But what Hannah loved most about her husband had nothing to do with his ability as a cop, his intellect, or his wit at a social service fund raiser. It was that above all, Ethan was a passionate man when it came to his family. His wife and daughter were his world, the only world he needed.” (39)

Yes, I know how scary it is that I’m reading another book written by a man so soon after the last book (The Secret War). My mom bought A Wicked Snow and I needed a book so…

A Wicked Snow is about Hannah Griffin. As a young girl she was the only survivor of a fire that killed her brothers. Her mother dissapeared and her father preceeded her in death. The same night as the fire, firemen discovered several other bodies on the farm. When the body count ceased, the number was up to twenty. The handyman from the farm was charged with the arson, but Hannah’s mother was never found.

The book begins with Hannah as an adult. She is a CSI and is working on a child abuse case when she receives a package containing her little brother’s burnt shoes. Immediately, other strange things begin to occur (notes left from her mother, strangers saying they know Hannah’s mom, and hang up calls). This eggs Hannah into calling the woman who prosecuted the arsonist. Next, she contacts the FBI agent from the case in an effort to come to terms with the past before it intrudes any further into her present life.

The book then switches to the past when Hannah was a child and concludes with her as an adult. It’s a fictitious account of a real life crime book. The author has you follow a crime from a child’s point of view and into adulthood. It plays with the idea that it’s hard to differentiate between what we remember from childhood and what people have told us or we’ve read. It challenges us to stick with Hannah through the disturbing flashes of her childhood and how that life still effects her as a grown woman and mother.

I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m so used to reading romance/fantasy with strong romance story lines that it’s hard to read something that bypasses all that. I started out interested but it quickly wained. It was like being on a roller coaster. Some parts were really good, while other parts dragged. It often seemed like she knew information that she didn’t acknowledge. The end of the book made clear that the journey taken throughout the book was for Hannah and not any other character. Certain aspects of the story were never made clear to me and I’m okay with that because the main story line was all about Hannah coming to terms with the life she had in the past and now in the present.

I won’t be reading this book again and it’s not on my keeper shelf. You can read other reviews here and here.


2 Responses to “A Wicked Snow by Gregg Olsen”

  1. Gregg Olsen May 25, 2007 at 5:48 pm #

    Hi Stacy,
    Loved reading your review. Was wondering if you were hoping for a romance between the special agent and the heroine?
    PS. hope you mom liked the book!

  2. scooper May 25, 2007 at 7:10 pm #

    Gregg- No, I didn’t want to break up Hannah’s home any more than it already was. I wanted her husband to play a more active role in her search. I understand that most men aren’t alphas but I was searching for something that wasn’t there.

    On the other side though, I’d have been pretty pissed if her husband had forbid or tried to stop her from searching for answers to her past. I’m a sucker for a romance and there just wasn’t any in this book.

    Mom’s reading the book now and thanks for stopping by. Come back soon.

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